Mariel Polinotto



Born in Buenos Aires and living in Mar del Plata since 1970.

2007    Solo Exhibition, “Mar del Plata/Laguna Beach”, Castagnino Museum, Mar del Plata.
2007    International exhibition, Artistas Argentinos en Sardegna, Italy.
2007    Belgrano National Exhibition, Buenos Aires.
2007    Avon National Exhibition, Buenos Aires.
2006    Finalist OSDE National Prize, La Plata, Buenos Aires
2006    2nd. Prize Drawing, XXIII Nacional Fine Arts Azul exhibitions Buenos Aires
2006    “Artists from Mar del Plata”, Mexican fine arts exhibition, Mexico DF
2006    International exhibition, “Quattro per Otto, Artista Argentino ed        Cerdena, Oristano, Italy
2006    Solo Exhibition William Merrill Galley, Laguna Beach, CA
2006    Belgrano National Exhibition, Buenos Aires
2006    "Hoy en el Arte" Exchibition, Pinamar
2005    Solo Exhibition City Bank, Mar del Plata, Argentina
2005    Belgrano award, National Exhibition, Buenos Aires
2005    Paloma Alonso Biennial, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Argentina
2005    Blue Season exhibition, William Merrill Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2005    Drawin National award La Pampa / Exhibition Arteforum, Villa Victoria, Mar del Plata
2005    F. M. Campos Exhibition, La Plata, Argentina
2005    Small Treasures Show, William Merrill Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2004    Artist Exhibition, Castagnino Museum, Mar del Plata, Argentina
2004    Drawin Exhibition, Argentina Embassy, Moscow, Russia
2004    Avon Nation Exhibition, Buenos Aires
2004    Expotrastienda, Multiple Languages Exhibitiion, Buenos Aires
2004    Small Treasures, William Merrill Galley, Laguna Beach, CA
2003    Solo Exhibition, Hotel Las Rocas, Mar del Plata, Argentina
2003    Avon Exhibition, Buenos Aires
2003    Graphic Art Biennial Novosibirsk, Siberia Russia
            "Actualization Traditional Graphic Tecnics", award.
2003    Lobo de Mar  Toledo Fundations, Mar del Plata.
2002    "Urban Undines", Cultural Center Pueblo Blanco, Punta del Este, Uruguay
2002    VII Rasegna d'Arte Contemporaneo Satura, Genova, Italia
2002    Joseph Stella International Grants, Muro Lucano, Italy 
2001    "Urban Undines". Exhibition, Sheraton Hotel Mar del Plata, Argentina
2000    La Mirada del Pintor, Altera Gallery, Pinamar
2000    Drawings Exhibition, Galeria del Mar , Hotel Costa Galana
2000    Special Mention Exhibition Museo del Mar, Mar del Plata
2000    Artist's Books Exhibition, Rio Gallegos Gallery
2000    National Exhibition Villa Constitucion, Sante Fe.
1999    Latinas, Mercosur Artists Exhibition, Juis de Fora, Brasil
1999    Drawings Exhibition Richard Hall, Mar del Plata
1999    Dialogos Bonaerenses, Group Exhibition Salon de Pasos Perdidos, National Congress, Buenos Aires
1999    La Mirada del Pintor, Emtur, Mar del Plata, Argentina
1999    El Divino, Buenos Aires
1999    5th. National Sea Salon, Mar del Plata, Argentina
1998    Multiple Languages Exhibition, El Che, Espacio Nave Auditorium Theater, Mar del Plata,
1998    Drawings Exhibition Galeria del Mar, Hotel Costa Galana, Mar del Plata
1998    Avon National Exhibition
1998    Cada Uno en su Papel Exhibition, Auditorium Theater, Mar del Plata
1998    Coap Exhibition, Punta Alta
1998    Coap Exhibition, Junin
1998    Azul National Exhibition
1998    Mercosur Women Forum, Mar del Plata
1997    "Arte y Arte I" Exhibition, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires
1997    National Centenary Exhibition La Plata University
1997    Group Exhibition Ghiglieri Gallery, Savona, Italy.
1996    Grand Prize Exhibition Provincial La Plata
1996    "80 Artists 20 years later", Buenos Aires
1996    "El Espiritu de la Colmena", Centro Cultural Recolea
1996    Avon National Exhibition
1996   CoNpasion Exhibition, espacio Nave, Mar del Plata
1996    Multiple Languages Exhibition, "Coffe Stories", Espacio Nave, Mar del Plata
1996    "Art and Art", Castagnino Museum Mar del Plata
1996    "El Vacio Perfecto" Exhibition, Auditorium Theater, Mar del Plata
1995    1st. Prize Coap, La Plata Provincial Exhibition.
1994    3rd. Prize Mar del Plata Municipal Exhibition
1994    1st. Prize Avellaneda Provincial Exhibition.
1993    La Plata Provincial Triennial.
1992    Azul National Mention
1989    Argentinian Artists in Miami, FL
1988    Tres Arroyos Exhibition Mention
1987    Solo Exhibition Robles Gallery, Mar del Plata
1985    Prize Esso Exhibition, Centro Cultural Buenos Aires
1985    12 Artistas Castagnino Museum, Rosario.
1984    Artist's Book International Exhbition, Centro Cultural, Buenos Aires.
1983    Artistic and Visual Seminar, Galeria del Mar, Mar del Plata.
1982    Drawing Biennial, Mar del Plata.
1980    1st. Prize Young Plastic Exhibition, Mar del Plata / Sacred Art Mention, Tandil
1980    1st. Prize Regional Exhibition, Coronel Vidal.
1976-78: Mar del Plata Municipal Exhibition.

artist statement

In my work is recurrent the direct allusion to my origins, and from the attraction to "Commedia dell´Arte" emerge the swimmers, the masks, all scenic, where forms, colors, textures and fragmentation are intense and expressive.

In my paintings, the drawing highlight not only like previous line but as a rhythm that underlines the work's content.

The interpretations can be different for each spectator, but what takes me to work with these images is the illusion and the memory of internal worlds that come into view.

I staged the horses images, I did not do it from a naturalist perspective but reconstructing what is likely a toy horse, a carrousel horse or the imaginary round that a child can dream.

The vision is not ingenuous, it is full of intention and it enhances with the interpretation that each spectator can give.

My idea is that from the broad-mindedness, becomes universal what responds to a personal experience.

From one symbol, offer an aesthetic proposal with mystery and ambiguities.